OnSite Care Clinics

Frequently Asked Questions

If I am on the FJM Health Plan what is the cost at the clinic?
FJ Management, Maverik, Big West Oil, and TAB Bank employees who are part of the FJM Health Plan, and their dependents on the health plan, can use the clinic with a $20 copay for non preventive services. Other out of pocket expenses include non-preventive labwork and radiology tests that need to be sent outside of the clinic.
What other insurance providers are accepted at the clinic?
The FJM Medical Clinic is in network with and accepts Altius, BCBS, Cigna, and EBMS insurance. All preventive care is covered at 100% on any of the plans mentioned. All non-preventive claims billed through the clinic will count toward the patient's deductible. All patients must be employees or dependants of employees of FJ Management, Maverik, Big West Oil, or TAB Bank.
Are preventive services covered at the clinic?
Yes. The FJM Medical Clinic offers well-child and well-adult exams, Pap smears, and all vaccinations. If you are on the FJM Health Plan, Altius, BCBS, Cigna, or EBMS, all of your preventive visits are covered at 100%.
How do I schedule an appointment?
There are 3 ways to schedule an appointment, call the clinic directly (North Salt Lake 801-624-1634 or Ogden 801-624-1633), electronically schedule by going to appointments, or walk in.
Do my labs drawn at the clinic count toward my deductible?
All labs drawn in the clinic that are sent to an external labratory count toward your deductible if you are on the FJM Health Plan. If you have a different health insurance and your insurance is in network (listed above), then the clinic will submit the lab fees to your insurance.
Will there be enough vaccine available at the clinic for flu shots?
We have full expectation that anyone (child or adult) who is on the FJ management health plan and would like to get a flu shot will be able to come to the clinic and recieve this service.
I have a child that is under 26 who is still on my insurance, would their spouse be able to use the clinic?
Only adult children covered on the FJM Health Plan or who are considered dependents on the employees' tax return are eligible to utilize the clinic at this time.
Is the clinic able to obtain the results of my blood work from my previous provider?
Yes. If you went to an IHC physician the clinic has access to the HELP 2 electronic health system and can download that information. If your provider is not in the IHC facility you have 2 options: 1) Come to the clinic and fill out a release of patient information form and the clinic will get the results. 2) Go to your provider's office, obtain a copy of the records and bring them into the clinic.
Does the clinic have onsite radiology services?
No. Patients needing radiology testing will be referred to another in-network provider.
If I am ill on the weekend will there be someone at the clinic that can help me?
The clinic has a provider available after hours 24/7 for clinic patients. All of our providers have remote access to the medical records for clarification of health history. However, if the medical problem or symptom cannot be or is inappropriate to be handled over the phone, the provider on call will refer patients to the nearest in-network after hours care facility.
Can we still go to our current doctor?
The FJM Health Plan still allows you the freedom to seek medical care from any Select Health in-network provider. However, the cost of the care outside of the clinic is much more expensive.